About Us

RMA Consultants, a member of the RMA Group of companies is a fully licensed employment agency as well as highly experienced HR solutions provider specializing in cross-functional executive search, staffing, recruitment and HR consultancy services. 
In the area of local personnel recruitment services, RMA Consultants covers a wide range of job scope from entry level to executive positions.
In the area of foreign recruitment, we have a strong supply of labour resources from China, India, Philippines, Myanmar and Bangladesh for our Clients in the Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Electronics, Manufacturing, Construction, Hospitality and Information Technology business.
Our Consultants are highly qualified in their respective fields and are very professional in dealing with talents of various disciplines. Our Clients can testify to our commitment to service and our desire to treat you as our long-term business partner.
Our Key Services
Executive Search, Recruitment & Staffing Services
We provide search and recruitment services for all your talent and staffing needs across all industries. We will take care of your whole recruitment process, right from initial search to staff on-boarding and follow up sessions on feedback on performance and expectations.
HR Consultancy Services
We provide a seamless experience by integrating a wide range of HR services that tailor to your specific needs. This includes advisory services on re-engineering, project staffing needs and outplacement services.
Temporary Placement 
We also provide temporary workforce to fulfil our Clients’ various temporary project needs. With an extensive candidate database, we are able to supply candidates with different qualifications and experiences within a short turnaround time.
To learn more about our Manpower Outsourcing Services and Managed Services be it Payroll, Accounting and Finance or Managed IT Services, please call us at +65 6298 7159 or visit https://www.rmacontracts.com.sg for more information.

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You may contact us online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We will respond to all on-line inquiries no later than 1 business day after you submit your request.
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